Jazz for Charity

The entire purchase price of this album
goes to The New Horizons Crisis Center
as a tax deductible contribution to charity.

Produced by Supraconsciousness Network
Richfield, Utah

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1. Honeysuckle Rose – Father “G”
2. Honeysuckle Rose – Father “G” & Dr. “B”
3. Georgia – Father “G”
4. Georgia – Father “G” & Dr. “B”
5. Singing In The Rain – Father “G”
6. Singing In The Rain – Father “G” & Dr. “B”
7. It Don’t Mean A Thing – Father “G”
8. It Don’t Mean A Thing – Father “G” & Dr. “B”
9. Wave – Father “G”
10. Wave – Father “G” & Dr. “B”
11. Melancholy Baby – Father “G”
12. Melancholy Baby – Father “G” & Dr. “B”
13. Dinah – Father “G”
14. Dinah – Father “G” & Dr. “B”
15. Teach Me Tonight – Father “G”
16. Teach Me Tonight – Father “G” & Dr. “B”
17. Max’s Waltz – Father “G”
18. Max’s Waltz – Father “G” & Dr. “B”

This Jazz Album features the world-famous harmonica player Max Geldray, with Dr. Roger Blomquist playing the alto saxophone. As stated on the insert, Dr. B developed this current CD by obtaining Max Geldray's previously-recorded album entitled, "World's Greatest Jazz Harmonica Player" and then dubbing himself onto each of the songs while playing his alto sax. This was a significant challenge requiring him to superimpose a counter melody line that was not meant to be there while attempting to make it sound as if it was part of the original recording. This, of course, was done extemporaneously (ad lib) so that he never knew what he would play prior to his playing it. This is one of the great ingredients of the jazz format.

Because this album represents a tribute to Max Geldray, each song is first presented as it originally was recorded without any alteration. The same song then follows with alto sax added which gives the listener a chance to better critique the result.

If you would like more information on Max Geldray (Dr. Blomquist's Father-in-law), Dr. Blomquist, and this album, you may read the CD's insert by clicking on this Insert Link. You can also read more about the life history of Max Geldray, by clicking on this web link that will take you to a site built and maintained by his fan club. Except that at this time, this link will just take you to a random "Max Geldray" page, because I just can't seem to figure out where the heck that page is that Dad showed to me so long ago.

Clicking on the MP3 links below will allow you to play two 30-second clips from the album just to whet your appetite. If you have a very slow internet connection or have difficulty playing the streaming audio, you can download the MP3 clips by "right-clicking" on the link and selecting "Save Target As". This will allow you to save the MP3 to your hard drive and listen without the disruptions (pausing for rebuffering) that often occurs with Internet streaming audio.

2. Honeysuckle Rose – Father “G” & Dr. “B” - MP3 Audio

18. Max’s Waltz – Father “G” & Dr. “B” - MP3 Audio

To Purchase this album, send $15 plus $3 for shipping and handling (change the shipping and handling charge to $5 when ordering from outside the United States, sending a total of $20 U.S. Dollars) in a check, money order, or certified check to:

New Horizons Crisis Center
Box 9
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Richfield, UT 84701

Checks should be made out to "New Horizons Crisis Center".

Your $18 check is tax-deductible as the entire donation goes directly to New Horizons Crisis Center with all production and printing costs having already been paid for through other private sources. A receipt for your charitable contribution will be included with your CD.

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