More About the Author

Dr. Blomquist currently resides in Richfield, Utah. He is a devoted Husband to his wife Judy, and the father of five children. (yes he is a terrific father too).

A tremendous example of human kindness and charity, Dr. Blomquist shares his money, time, and talents for the benefit and help of others around him. Most of his charitable efforts are presently being focused on The New Horizons Crisis Center; a non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence.

He is an avid jazz musician, having advanced technical skills in playing both the saxophone and clarinet. You can now purchase a jazz album featuring both Dr. Blomquist and world-famous harmonica player Max Geldray. The full cost of this album goes to the New Horizons Crisis Center and is tax deductable. Click on the "Jazz for Charity" link on the left to preview clips from this album.

He thinks of this as a dirty trick, but I couldn't help putting a couple of photos here. Photos of him are hard to come by. I have more than a suspicion that this is not an accident. These are two of my favorites.

Dr. Blomquist with his lovely wife Judy. He takes such a good picture, it's hard to see why he would be so camera shy. His wife Judy is also a very kind, and loving individual. Her love extends beyond the Human Family as she has a great deal of love for animals, her horses likely being at the top of the list (not counting Dad of course).
Here he is playing the saxophone. Believe it or not, he's quite an accomplished musician; this picture was actually taken at a benefit concert where he performed with Max Geldray, raising funds for charity. This Jazz for Charity link will give details on how to buy the album, and will also allow you to listen to clips from the album.